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sbmitted by inbetweenersdance.
photo from fuckyeahnbb.

sbmitted by inbetweenersdance.

photo from fuckyeahnbb.

guys, submissions are always open, don’t be shy! :)

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hey guys,

i leave for band camp tomorrow morning, so i won’t be back till wednesday. please don’t unfollow me, i’ll be back soon enough! in the mean time, send in some submissions so that i have tons to do when i get back! :)

Anonymous said: What does david look like now?

chillingonmylaptop said: Could you post the picture w/o the caption 'I think time really gave justice to all the boys'. I haven't been able to find pictures of anyone besides Nat & Alex in yrs.

couldn’t find my original edit, but i tried to redo it really quick.

Anonymous said: do submissions have to be about the show or can they be about the boys and girls in general?

either one.

Anonymous said: are submissions open?


Anonymous said: how does he know ariana?

it wasn’t nat.